It is something that we value and something that we seek on a daily basis no matter if at home on a PC or walking around with your mobile phone talking to friends or family even strangers. We all want no one watching what we look up in search engines the pictures that we save off Google or any other favorited site and often think we aren’t being watched why bother an image is just an image. That’s where I come in and tell you the facts from the fictions of what you think is safe to what actually isn’t safe.
You can click on links that you find interesting but what you don’t know those links you click on can actually be a bad thing as lots of malicous malware gets sent that way. It happens more on occasion on popular social media sites where if someone shared it you will click and share too not knowing the pending consequences of the link you chosen. There are serious inquiries about the nations safety aside from finding terrorist cells with possible home grown ones what are these security measures doing aside from brown nosing as much as they can get away with. 
There was a bad update on National Security Agency back in 2012 there was a report that it had 2,776 incidents that had occurred from April 2011 all way to March 2012 and not once have these been taken up to the ethical way of privacy or the moral privacy. Back in 2008 Congress in the United States granted more access to NSA so they could get into top security files, yes you read that right into more secure files. Most of the cases against NSA involved unauthorized access to the surveillance of Americans and these are the ones being reckless with their power. 

There was a *huge* case back in 2011 when the foreign intelligence surveillance court held a court hearing for NSA and ruling that they were using illegal methods to Americans and even green card holders. It contained the methods used which included but not limited to email and also internet related activities (this was when Edward snowden leaked the NSA spy information,thank you!) That they used to gather information. 
In one of the most atrocious use of power the NSA had its own *personnel* use their methods on their own individual auditing like careless children thinking they would not get caught. Now please next time you have that feeling someone might be watching you, maybe you’re right maybe you’re wrong.


Do something

​                 The fight for animals and        human equal equality

Animals often seen as having no soul and are just seen as objects rather than seeing them as having souls with feelings who are also their owners friend and companion throughout their lives. They are a source for happiness when dealing with a grief of a loved one wether they know it or not often owners talk to them about their everday schedule as if they are friends who are just hanging out. 

Animals that are neglected by their owners are often in need of social and mental help as to say upon other things but thats not to say that all owners are this way as to everyone is an individual who doesn’t think like the rest.The animals are left to get beaten, killed for money, starved to death or even tortured by those that are supposed to care for their well being instead of being treated like they are animals and just that that don’t deserve some kind of affection or even love. 

Also there are other factors that animals go through that on en is not seen in the public eye such as chickens that have gone through so much modification that they have even issues with walking something that shouldn’t of been an issue to begin with. We as humans have shelter we provide for them we offer love, compaionship,friendship and a lot of other things to our animals they have souls just as you or I do they don’t need to be hurt by us they want to be loved by us and treated like we treat each other.

This goes back to the 1860’s when they had dog fighting after the cival war occured the US, which was sadly a source of entertainment for people to watch dogs fight even to the death and they even make profits off of this ”sport” that in directly affect the dogs psyche.

The human mind is layered in all kinds of information and storing with the psyche we all view how the world around us is our emotional state is very important on how a person develops even an animals is too. It is how they act towards people and potential owners but if an animal is abused it is often scared to be comforted by another human as they are truamatized and think what happens if this person will hurt me too.

We have places that are supposed to help them but instead often the labs and organizations don’t do their job properly leaving some to die from malnutrition and abuse they received from the companies employees but that is not to say all do this as lots actually give a shit about the animal being used.
There are people that steal animals from their owners just to breed them and make profit off the animal leaving the owner and family of the stolen pet heartbroken. There’s a fact that murdering animals is the one way that leads to a certain characteristic often associated with known serial killers who had a habit of being sadistic to animals before they went on killing sprees.

Online child safety 

When parents are at home after hard days work they are expected to have their kid’s be safe while under their nose but what you don’t realize are today’s hidden dangers. Your kids or grandkids “meet” people online and more than often the bond that they come in contact with have hidden and dangerous intentions. 

No matter how often you want to hold your child next to you throughout the day you’ll see its the most simple things that go unnoticed. If you are able to pick up on few key things maybe you’ll help prevent the dangers lurking right in your house. 

Kids will rebel that is how they learn to grow as individuals you as a mom or father are responsible to keep them safe even if this stage occurs. I will tell you certain characteristic’s to look for if you have a worried feeling in your belly about your loved one or child it is your responsibility to make sure they go to you first not the other way around as it is seen as a attack on their rebellious nature.

First time is the way their outward demeanor is towards you if it changes drastically (temper, depression, paranoia etc) you’ll see something is wrong and this will be addressed. You will secondly see how they act towards their surroundings not saying you’re a background but how you are involved in their life. If they act different around their family or friends and even teachers or classes they once liked for an example.

That is not to say they are having issues other than predator  (if old enough have a gf or bf that’s different) being around them. If their phone used to be open and has a sudden password look out for this also if they start having accounts that aren’t suitable for kid’s. You know Snapchat has nude pics and things be careful of that and can be sent to minors I don’t advice it unless you maybe find them see if they add you and see things put up.

On Facebook they can add  anyone and not be asking questions, they have innocent and sometimes naïve minds which makes it easier for grown men and yes woman predators to chat with kids. You can set up your child’s or grandchildrens Internet access to block certain sites if needed. I used to have a Facebook but I complained about the pedophiles sending their genitals in chat area. 

My account was then rendered disabled to that fact you don’t know that Facebook enables pedos to do their dirty work without having repercussions so watch out what is seen and sent. You have to protect your kids and make sure they’re not taken advantage of by anyone. 

      Signing out, 💗 wesaom