Online child safety 

When parents are at home after hard days work they are expected to have their kid’s be safe while under their nose but what you don’t realize are today’s hidden dangers. Your kids or grandkids “meet” people online and more than often the bond that they come in contact with have hidden and dangerous intentions. 

No matter how often you want to hold your child next to you throughout the day you’ll see its the most simple things that go unnoticed. If you are able to pick up on few key things maybe you’ll help prevent the dangers lurking right in your house. 

Kids will rebel that is how they learn to grow as individuals you as a mom or father are responsible to keep them safe even if this stage occurs. I will tell you certain characteristic’s to look for if you have a worried feeling in your belly about your loved one or child it is your responsibility to make sure they go to you first not the other way around as it is seen as a attack on their rebellious nature.

First time is the way their outward demeanor is towards you if it changes drastically (temper, depression, paranoia etc) you’ll see something is wrong and this will be addressed. You will secondly see how they act towards their surroundings not saying you’re a background but how you are involved in their life. If they act different around their family or friends and even teachers or classes they once liked for an example.

That is not to say they are having issues other than predator  (if old enough have a gf or bf that’s different) being around them. If their phone used to be open and has a sudden password look out for this also if they start having accounts that aren’t suitable for kid’s. You know Snapchat has nude pics and things be careful of that and can be sent to minors I don’t advice it unless you maybe find them see if they add you and see things put up.

On Facebook they can add  anyone and not be asking questions, they have innocent and sometimes naïve minds which makes it easier for grown men and yes woman predators to chat with kids. You can set up your child’s or grandchildrens Internet access to block certain sites if needed. I used to have a Facebook but I complained about the pedophiles sending their genitals in chat area. 

My account was then rendered disabled to that fact you don’t know that Facebook enables pedos to do their dirty work without having repercussions so watch out what is seen and sent. You have to protect your kids and make sure they’re not taken advantage of by anyone. 

      Signing out, 💗 wesaom 


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