It is something that we value and something that we seek on a daily basis no matter if at home on a PC or walking around with your mobile phone talking to friends or family even strangers. We all want no one watching what we look up in search engines the pictures that we save off Google or any other favorited site and often think we aren’t being watched why bother an image is just an image. That’s where I come in and tell you the facts from the fictions of what you think is safe to what actually isn’t safe.
You can click on links that you find interesting but what you don’t know those links you click on can actually be a bad thing as lots of malicous malware gets sent that way. It happens more on occasion on popular social media sites where if someone shared it you will click and share too not knowing the pending consequences of the link you chosen. There are serious inquiries about the nations safety aside from finding terrorist cells with possible home grown ones what are these security measures doing aside from brown nosing as much as they can get away with. 
There was a bad update on National Security Agency back in 2012 there was a report that it had 2,776 incidents that had occurred from April 2011 all way to March 2012 and not once have these been taken up to the ethical way of privacy or the moral privacy. Back in 2008 Congress in the United States granted more access to NSA so they could get into top security files, yes you read that right into more secure files. Most of the cases against NSA involved unauthorized access to the surveillance of Americans and these are the ones being reckless with their power. 

There was a *huge* case back in 2011 when the foreign intelligence surveillance court held a court hearing for NSA and ruling that they were using illegal methods to Americans and even green card holders. It contained the methods used which included but not limited to email and also internet related activities (this was when Edward snowden leaked the NSA spy information,thank you!) That they used to gather information. 
In one of the most atrocious use of power the NSA had its own *personnel* use their methods on their own individual auditing like careless children thinking they would not get caught. Now please next time you have that feeling someone might be watching you, maybe you’re right maybe you’re wrong.


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